Mask Club donating mask with personality to those in need

Our new normal includes covering up with a mask when you're on your way out to face the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does your face mask say about you?

Trevor George Founder and CEO of TrevCo in Madison Heights and his wife wanted to do their part during these tough times. While already working with over 800 licensed brands to produce apparel and accessories with characters like Superman, Batman and Hello Kitty they wanted to do the same but with mask.

“When we figured out we could create these mask we used our team and our relationships with these brands to say hey let’s get on board with this and try to turn this around in one or two days when usually that’s something nearly impossible to do with these licensed brands,” George said.

A great way to let personality shine through, without the intimidation a traditional doctor mask might convey, especially to children.

TrevCo used what they started to help those in need. With every mask purchased they will donate a mask. Partnered with the First Responders Children’s Foundation 5,000 mask have already been donated.

The two-layer non-medical mask is re-usable and washable. If needed, they can serve as a medical mask by placing a filter between the fabric.

If you’d like to purchase a mask visit