Massive Christmas display allowed to stay in Warren

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A Christmas light fight in Warren got a holly jolly ending.

The family was facing fines for their enormous holiday display - until the mayor stepped in.

The display is on Eiffel Street in the city of Warren near 12 Mile and Schoenherr area. 

The site has been popular in the area for a number of years but the other day a city inspector came in and ruled that the lights could be a danger. There was a threat that the display could be shut down. 

Mayor Jim Fouts dismissed the ticket and said the decorations can stay. 

In a Facebook post, Fouts wrote:

"I have taken care of the Christmas ticket issue and Warren will encourage NOT discourage Christmas displays and the Christmas spirit! I have decided on several ideas to ensure that the Christmas spirit will be preserved and protected in Warren.

"1) At my request the City Attorney is developing a special free Christmas Display Permit. This will allow residents to legally use public property for Christmas displays. This will not cost them anything.

"2) Christmas decorating contest starting next year. We will award prizes to the top Christmas displays in the city. I want to encourage more Christmas displays NOT less. 

"3)I have issued an order that no tickets or warnings be issued against a Warren resident for having a Christmas display."