Meet Voz: The Tigers hottest (and shirtless fan)

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The Tigers have fought mother nature to play baseball this spring but on Wednesday, when it was 35 degrees, they played and the Voz was there, shirtless.

Wednesday's sparse crowd made the Voz easy to spot. The weather wasn't hot but Voz definitely is. He's been going to Tiger games for 20 years and says he really just likes to go to sporting events with no shirt on. 

"Every Tiger game I've ever went to but one, no shirt," he says. "This is me always, no matter what the weather is." 

Jeff Riger and the guys at 97.1 The Ticket caught up to him in the stands on Wednesday. As everyone else sat wrapped in extra blankets and coats, there was the Voz.

"Let's be honest, at first you're thinking he's just doing it to be on TV, he wants to be on social media, he wants to get attention," Riger said.

The Ticket posted the interview on social media but they weren't alone. Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports Detroit, and more posted pictures of the brave guy. This is nothing new.

Now he's getting attention. Literally thousands of hits after, 97.1 The Ticket, posted the exclusive interview on social media.  

"He's been to tiger games, he's been a NASCAR races, he even went to the Joe Louis Arena, and they said you got a put your shirt back on," Riger said. "So apparently the rule is indoors, you have to wear a shirt if you're outdoors you don't have to. But he says he runs hot."

Voz says the coldest game he's ever been to was in Denver when the Broncos played Green Bay on Monday Night Football. It was snowing, and the temp was -12 degrees. 

Voz is retired and a huge sports fan. Riger says he believes that he's not doing this for attention.

"Seems like a legit guy. For all the people that wondered is it just for attention. Let's be honest nobodies at the park, you stand out if you're not wearing a shirt, I Believe him I think he just runs hot," Riger said.