Mentally ill suspect's attempted abduction of 6-year-old foiled in Mt. Clemens

The Macomb County sheriff says it started out with 20-year-old Luzjaie Captain flirting with a 19-year-old babysitter. 

"The neighbor was watching some kids in the neighborhood when a subject came up and asked her questions and tried to engage her in conversation," said Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

The sheriff says when the man turned his attention to the kids, squirting them with a water bottle, she told him to leave and he did.
But he allegedly came back to Hubbard and Highland streets offering the 6-year-old boy candy. 

"When she turned around she saw that he had the child's arm and was started to walk away with him," Wickersham said.

The sheriff says the babysitter yelled at him to let go. He did. The child was unharmed and the suspect walked away. 

She then called 911. 

Luzjaie Captain

"She stayed calm and provided us with a description and protect the other kids," Wickersham said. "She was able to get the 6-year-old back unharmed. In the end she did a great job."

Deputies found the suspect at the corner of Rose and Groesbeck. He allegedly locked himself in the car. Deputies had to break the back window to get him out. 

Deputies attempted to talk to the suspect during his arrest. He was not cooperating so now he is being held here at the jail on charges of kidnapping.

It was then they learned that Captain was reported as a mentally ill missing person out of Detroit on the same day.  He also has a criminal history which includes assaulting a police officer and criminal sexual conduct. 
"This could have been a real devastating and tragic incident," Wickersham said.

Luzjaie Captain