Metro Detroit among top areas for women-owned businesses

Plenty of people would like to go out on their own and be their own boss. One study says more than 10 percent of the population is now involved in a business start up. U of D Mercy marketing professor Dr. Mike Bernacchi has studied women-owned business and finds there is great opporutnity if you're intersted in jumping in.

His research found that metro Detroit is number 8 in the nation in number of women owned businesses (256,400 Businesses); number 10 in jobs provided in those businesses (151,800 JOBS); and number 11 in sales. He joined us on The Nine to tell us more about his research.

1. Health Care & Soc Asst 52.8%
2. Ed Services  44.9%
3. Other Services  41.6%
4. Adm,Support, WMS  37.4%
5. Retail Trade  32.1%
6. Arts, Entr & Recr  30.7%