Michigan billionaire Bill Pulte gives $30K to veteran for Trump retweet

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Twitter philanthropy could be the start of something big, at least that's the hope of billionaire home builder Bill Pulte.

Over the past few days he's been giving away money on Twitter -- sometimes a few dollars -- sometimes thousands.

Wednesday night he tried something new. He said that if President Donald Trump retweeted him he'd give $30,000 to a veteran.

And just a couple of hours later -- the president did just that.

In a video Pulte, Pulte, managing partner of Pontiac-based Pulte Capital Partners LLC, says he hopes this is the start of a new wave of philanthropy on the social media site.

"Twitter is so full of negative stuff these days, especially with the politicians, businessmen, political reporters all of this stuff," Pulte said in a video. "It is about time we finally have something positive on Twitter. This website is huge, why are we not using that?"

Pulte also hinted that some of his rich friends have been waiting to see if this takes off before joining him in giving away money on Twitter. He hopes the president's retweet encourages them to start.