Michigan bringing back classic license plate style

Michigan is bringing back an old favorite in license plate lore that some drivers may recognize.

The "Water-Winter Wonderland" license plate, which was first used in the state in 1965, has been requested by motorists and enthusiasts for years, the Secretary of State's office said. Now's the chance to see its status restored.

A dark blue background with yellow lettering, the plate reads "Michigan" at the top and "Water-Winter Wonderland" at the bottom. 

"I am proud to give Michiganders back a longtime favorite license plate that also marks a critical moment in the history of our nation’s democracy," said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. "In 1965, we worked together as a nation to protect and advance voting rights in pursuit of a more perfect union, just as today we must come together as a nonpartisan, pro-democracy coalition to protect and advance our elections."

Drivers can purchase the plate with a $5 graphic plate fee that will be tacked onto the normal registration fee. Personalization is limited due to the font style, a release from the secretary said.

The throwback plate can be ordered online, at a branch office, or when purchasing a vehicle through a dealership. It can also be purchased as a disability plate.

For more information, visit Michigan.gov/SOSPlates