Michigan man says if you have the symptoms, assume you have coronavirus and stay home

The urgency to stay home to protect yourself and the people around you from coronavirus is real. A Michigan man who caught the virus and lived to tell his tale is hoping others will heed Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's warning.

Mark Stabler, 49, thought he just had allergies. This time of year, he said, his allergies tend to flare up. 

He had some symptoms but they progressively got worse. When his fever hit 101 one March 18th, he called his doctor and was told to go to the hospital. But even then, he said, not a lot could be done.

"The only thing you can do is to take Tylenol to keep it down," Stabler said.

The vast majority of coronavirus patients will survive. But for 20%, they can have dire and even fatal effects.

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Stabler's fortunate that he's back on his feet already.

"I was diagnosed on the 18th of march and it's been 11 days now and I'm actually feeling pretty good. Today I actually feel like I made the corner where my fever slowed down and i'm starting to get a little bit of my energy back," he said.

As for anyone who thinks they can beat the virus by ignoring warnings and think it won't apply to them, he has some important advice.

"Most important thing is to stay home," Stabler said. "If you feel the symptoms, assume you have it and stay home."

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