Michigan Rep. Cindy Gamrat won't resign

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One of the two Michigan Representatives at the center of a sex scandal talked open for the first time about the situation on Friday.

Representative Cindy Gamrat has been caught up in a sex scandal involving her and Rep. Todd Courser. On Friday, she addressed the media and took questions.

She said she and her family had been working through the issues for several months now and has no plans to resign. She admitted she made mistakes but describes her relationship with Courser as 'professional'.

Gamrat said she considered resigning but was only there on Friday.

Gamrat broke her silence one week after the scandal involving her and Courser was revealed in a recording obtained by the Detroit News.

In the recording, Courser tells one of his staffers to send out a bogus email claiming Courser had sex with a male prostitute. That lie, however, was an attempted to cover up the real affair between Courser and Gamrat.

Courser called it "innoculating the heard" or planting a fake story so terrible, that no one would believe the truth.

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FOX 2's political guru Tim Skubick says the legislature is investigating to see whether Coursea and Gamrate used any taxpayer dollars to cover up, and that means checking to see how involved their paid employees may have been.

"Did they break the House rules of using staffers to advance their own political agenda? That is a huge no-no. The use of tax funds is a misuse of tax funds for personal, political gain or whatever, that is one of the things that the House business office is looking into," says Skubick.

It's too early to tell if this will turn into a criminal investigation. Skubick says House Republicans are ready to bring in a new headline when they reconvine on Tuesday, perhaps to send the media on a whole new road of storytelling.

"I'm told, behind the scenes, they are working on a new road package - an actual fix for the roads - that could incould, underscore could include, $600 million in new revenue. If they come back into town on Tuesday, they will want to talk about that; they won't want to talk about the Courser situation and the Gamrate situation, although it will be tough for them to avoid that," Skubick says.