Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin endorses Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden picked up another Michigan endorsement on Thursday

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Holly), who represents several cities in metro Detroit, said she was voting for Biden because voters are tired of the "all-or-nothing politics" that have characterized the past election cycle.

"Today, I filled out my absentee ballot for Joe Biden. I did so for a host of reasons, but most importantly because I hear from my constituents every day that they want an end to the all-or-nothing politics that have so polarized our country," read a statement from Slotkin. "All-or-nothing doesn't get us lower drug costs or more affordable healthcare. It doesn't raise water quality standards. It doesn't protect our country from national security threats that endanger every American, regardless of party."

In a veiled criticism toward Sen. Bernie Sanders who has argued for a "revolution" and overhaul of the current political system, Slotkin said Michigan voters prioritize hard work, decency, and passionate pragmatism. 

"That is what is expected of us in our lives, and that is what I believe we need from our elected leaders. That is why I support Joe Biden," she said.

Slotkin, a freshman Democrat out of Michigan's 8th District, is considered one of the more moderate representatives in Congress. She flipped her seat from red to blue in the 2018 midterms.

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Michigan's primary election is March 10.

Jack Nissen is a reporter at FOX 2 Detroit. You can contact him at (248) 552-5269 or at Jack.Nissen@Foxtv.com