Michigan State student who lost leg in car crash needs help

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A Michigan State University student just months away from graduation, was critically injured in a car accident.

Michael Collier, a college senior at Michigan State University, lost his leg in a car accident three weeks ago.

The criminal justice major is set to graduate in spring but everything changed in the early morning of Feb. 20 when he crashed into a guardrail on I-96.

"I looked down to grab my phone and the next thing you know the wheel just turns," Collier said. "I don't remember, like anything."

Collier was airlifted to the University of Michigan Health System hospital. His leg was amputated in the helicopter.

"I twisted my arteries and interrupted my blood flow," Collier said. "They said if I wouldn't have done that, I probably would have bled out and died before anybody reached the scene. So I am like, blessed."

Collier stays positive, but still, grief comes in waves. At 23-years-old, Michael had plans to enter the university's police academy this summer, now that dream is gone.

"I'll never be able to do the things I used to do," Collier said. "It's hard, but it is nothing I can't handle."

But Michael isn't letting the loss of his leg keep him down.

"Now my first thought is like 'Hey doc, how soon before I can get a prosthetic,'" he said. "Because I am ready to get up and start walking."

He has sped through recovery quicker than doctors expected. Today, he's taking another step toward a bright future.

"I'll probably go back home to my mom's house," he said. "We're going to work on recovery."

Michael has spent the last three weeks confined to the same hospital room. On Tuesday he leaves for the first time.

The road ahead will be tough, Michael has no health insurance, and he will need at least $5,000 for a decent prosthetic leg. His first goal, to get back to class, and graduate in May.

"Don't take anything for granted," Collier said.

If you'd like to help Michael pay for a new leg CLICK HERE to donate. (Editor's Note: The GoFundMe link contains images that may be disturbing to some.)