Michigan Treasury Department auctioning over 800 collectible coins and gold jewelry

Collectible coins up for auction.

Valuable coins, foreign currency, jewelry, and so much more awaits bidders at the Michigan Department of Treasury's auction this weekend.

The department has put more than 800 unclaimed valuables up for bidding this Saturday, Nov. 19 at a venue in Lansing. The doors open at 8 a.m. and the auction officially kicks off at 9. 

A full breakdown of the valuables can be found here. The auction is being run by Chuck Cryderman & Associates. 

The items range from pocket watches to silver dollars, gold necklace pendants and foreign coins. 

According to a release from the treasury department, the items are up for auction because of the state's Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. 

"The Michigan Department of Treasury receives abandoned safe deposit box contents and works to return items to their rightful owners or heirs. Items that are not reunited with their owners can be sold at auction."

The proceeds from the auction and other unclaimed funds can be claimed by rightful owners or heirs by submitting an electronic claim form. Rightful owners can also call (517) 636-5320. Learn more at www.michigan.gov/unclaimedproperty.

Find more information about the auction here.