Missing Southgate man last seen heading to Detroit for roofing job

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A Southgate man hasn't been seen in a few days now, after he had left home for a roofing job in Detroit. Ryan Schmidt hasn't been seen or heard from since Friday, Dec. 7. 

"I have the worst feeling," said Amber Pruitt, Ryan's fiancé. "I don't know what to do."

She says she was feeding her baby when Ryan left their home for a new job.

"He kept saying he was tired and he said, 'Once I get on the roof I should be okay.' He texted again and said, 'I'm here, I made it,' and I was thinking he was at work the whole time."

It had been nothing out of the ordinary - even with their usual flurry of morning texts to each other.

"I didn't hear from him in a little bit and then at 1:15 he texted me, 'I love you,' and I texted back and it said it was read, it was seen, and he never said anything back. Normally he would but I thought maybe he was on the roof or something."

That text would be the last she heard from the 28-year-old. Amber eventually called police, who were able to ping his phone. It showed Ryan was in Detroit - but the supervisor on his job site claims he never showed up for work.

"It is not like him to up and leave," she said. "He takes care of my daughter with me and we are just super close."

Ryan has had a history of drug addiction but Amber says he has been clean for several months. They have called hospitals, rehab centers, jails, and even the morgue but Ryan is nowhere to be found. Neither is his dark blue Town and Country minivan.

Ryan is 5 feet 8 inches tall and was last seen wearing a white Grateful Dead tie-dyed shirt, beige cargo pants and red and black Nike shoes. If you know where he is, call police.

"It is the worst," Pruitt said. "I don't know what to think."

Police reports have been filed in Southgate and in Detroit because at this point it is unclear where Ryan went missing.