Mission Possible helps elderly, disabled with home repairs in Pontiac

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Sitting in her backyard of 40 years, Juanita Crawford talks about her garden, surrounded by students and her squash.

 "My grandson did the tomatoes - but I do a lot of it myself - it's my hobby," she said.

At 95 and a half years of age, Juanita is still growing vegetables as she's grown older, but needs some help with other stuff.

Which is where these kids come in, and they come from schools all over Oakland County, signing up for a work camp through faith in action - a camp they call - Mission: Possible.

It helps low income elderly and disabled in Pontiac with household repairs they can't do themselves.

"It's just great to give back and listen to their stories and their lives and it's just great to be a part of it," said Sa'maricle Winfield.

"These kids rock - they have done everything from plumbing to drywall repair and stuff they hadn't done before," said Jackie Smiertka. 

Jackie Smiertka's so proud of this small but mighty group - building and painting, pulling down an old rickety fence that's fallen into disrepair.

"This is a great opportunity to learn about what I want to do in the future - work with my hands - and going into a trade," said Caleb Andrews.

 "It's a lot of fun and it's really nice to work with these people," Kuzma Abdoo.

The students are learning so much about what they can accomplish - while learning from each other and the people they're helping.

Overhearing the students asking Juanita why she likes to garden, and she said I just really like to watch things grow which is pretty much what's happening with the program too.

"We've all built a bond together - and I think we've all learned to communicate better and work as a team," said Winfield.

"They are all growing through this absolutely - I couldn't be more proud of them," Smiertka said. "Super kids - we couldn't have hand-picked better kids than this - there's no question."

And Juanita thinks they're pretty special, too.

"Oh they are wonderful," she said.

To learn more about Faith In Action Oakland County go to: faithinactionoakland.org/