Mom gets smile makeover from Waterford dentist

A mother won a mouth makeover from a Waterford dentist and now -- for the first time in a long time -- she has something to smile about.

Dr. Amanda Sheehan said she's blessed to not only be able to do a job she loves, but also to help people.

"It's amazing how if you fix their smile how it just improves their self confidence and gives them a better opportunity at life," she said.

Four times a year, Sheehan and her staff at Oakland Family Dental in Waterford pick deserving folks who need dental work. Sheehan gives it free of charge. Their most recent social media post last month got hundreds of responses.

Sheehan said she couldn't pick just one winner, so she decided to help four people. One of those patients was 43-year-old Rachel Doane.

"She was striking because she didn't apply herself, her daughter sent the application for her," she said.

"I saw it and I said it's worth a shot. She wouldn't get it if I didn't try," Sophia Doane said.

Rachel, a recent widow, moved to Michigan from the west coast with her daughter for a fresh start. She said she hasn't been to a restaurant in years because her teeth are so embarrassing.

 "I haven't smiled in a long time. ... It was really hard," she said.

She said she's felt hopless since losing her father in 2004, who had been her dentist.

"its people's confidence. It's how you eat. It's everything," she said.

She said she also suffers from bone issues after a car wreck messed things up. But Sheehan, after over roughly five visits, gave Rachel, who had still been wearing the retainer her father gave her, a new smile.

"I'm so fortunate in the office that it's just the least I could do," Sheehan said.

"I love her to death. She's amazing," Sophia said.

"I will be her biggest fan forever," Rachel said.