More than 40 shots fired at scene of man's murder in Detroit

Police are investigating after a man was found fatally shot in an empty field on Detroit's east side. Police say the victim was found lying face down with a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

The shooting happened just before 2:30 a.m. at Neff Avenue and Chester Street, which is near Morang and Harper avenues. Police say witnesses didn't hear any arguing before the shooting, but heard dozens of gunshots.

From the evidence markers at the scene, it appears more than 40 shots were fired.

Police aren't sure why the shooting happened yet.

Friends and family on scene tell FOX 2 the victim was 33-year-old Christopher Marcilis -- and that they're not sure why the shooting happened, either.

"He was a nice, loving, sweet person, caring; a person that you'd want to be around. He wasn't a violent person; he was sweet. He got along with everybody," says Squanato Walton, a relative.

If you were in the area and heard or saw anything suspicious, you're asked to call Detroit Police.