Mother of murdered teen says suspect was jealous of her son, prays that 'justice is served'

The mother of 20-year-old Cameron Duckworth totally distraught over the murder of her son found dead next to 16-year-old Drake Mancus - the two discovered with multiple gunshot wounds, laying near a pond in the Cedarbrook Estates Mobile Home Park in White Lake Township.

"I'll never have my baby back, ever,"said Emily Duckworth.

On Wednesday the two suspects accused the double murder appeared in court: Steven Morrow and Jesse Wright, both 18. The two were arraigned on multiple counts including felony murder, armed robbery and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Investigators say Morrow was the gunman and Wright, his getaway driver who helped him dispose of the evidence. Both were acquaintances of the victims.

"I know that this was not something that happened on the fly, my neighbor has a security camera, it's on a stream and not something she can rewind," Duckworth said. "I know Steven was looking in my windows and spending quite a lot of time at my house."

Investigators say Morrow and Wright came up with a plan to rob Mancuso and Duckworth.

Police say they all drove to Cedarbrook and agreed to go to a wooded area of the park, next to a pond, and while they were in the wooded area, Morrow allegedly drew a pistol and fatally shot Duckworth and Mancuso.

Victims Cameron Duckworth, left, and Drake Mancuso.

Victims Cameron Duckworth, left, and Drake Mancuso.

"I think there was a bit of envy or jealousy there for some reason," Duckworth said. "And I think that's very sad. I think mental health problems had to exist before that - because normal people don’t do this."

Police say after the shooting, Wright then drove  Morrow away to dispose of evidence.

"We just have got to take it as it comes… we’ll have to wait and see and pray that justice continues to be served," Duckworth said.

Both Morrow and Wright denied bond

"I believe that was the right choice," she said. "I love (Cameron) and I’m going to miss him, every moment of every day for the rest of my life."

Steven Morrow (left) and Jesse Wright (right) (Oakland County Jail)