Mother's mementos stolen from final resting place, woman says

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On the 13th of every month for the past six years, you can find Judy Robitaille sitting beside her mother's final resting place.

"We talk to her and reminisce a little bit."

Sitting beside her mother's final resting place, a niche as it called, which holds the remains of June Robitaille. She's resting along with some personal items she likes, like her mother's ring and her grandmother's ring. But it used to hold even more. On Mother's Day, Judy noticed some things were missing.

"This has devastated my family, my mom. I mean, it's my mom."

Three necklaces draped across a photo of June are now gone, including a gold Red Wings necklace, a mother necklace, and a cross. Judy says one necklace was even superglued to the picture frame, which means whoever took it went through a lot of effort.

Judy has made a report with the staff at the cemetery, filed a police report, even called local pawn shops herself with no luck. The feelings of violation cut pretty deep.

These days, it's just Judy and her son who visit June now. Those necklaces she wore until the day she died, and having them back would mean so much.

Anyone with information is asked to call Westland police.