Motor City Pride continues despite Orlando tragedy

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Despite the terrible tragedy in Orlando, the Detroit Pride Festival continued, albeit with heavy hearts throughout.

Motor City Pride was Sunday at Hart Plaza in Detroit. In the wake of the attacks in Orlando, people are coming together in unity and that includes police who are making sur everyone is safe.

The City of Detroit united for Motor City Pride this weekend. But many are thinking of those killed and injured at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, in what is the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

"My heart and my mind and my spirit, it goes out to you guys, I am praying for you all in Orlando," Marcus Corder said.

He was at Motor City Pride and told FOX 2's Josh Landon that they've talked about increasing security in the past.

"They're usually speaking of beefing up security and I'm wondering now what is beefed up security," he said.

The violent act put the nation in a state of mourning. Now, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, raising concerns for the safety of all U.S. citizens. Detroit Police Chief James Craig was at Motor City Pride this morning, and weighed in on local security. He said there are no threats to the area but they're ready if it happens.

"We know of no threats to the region, no threats to the City of Detroit, and we're always in a constant state of readiness. So being here today was to provide support to the LBGT community, let them know, we're here, we support you, and we'll keep you safe," Craig said.

As the news coverge of the attack in Orlando continues, the suspect's name was released, then the victims, and we await the shooter's motive. Despite all of that, Motor City Pride went on as planned and Detroit celebrations continue. Attendees said they felt even more motivated to attend after the attacks.

"I saw it this morning and I honestly did not have second thought about coming out here today. I think it's wonderful. There seems to be spirit of peace out here right now, and I'm praying that there is," Corder said.

Craig said he was on the phone with Mayor Mike Duggan and an FBI supervisor talking about what needs to be done to keep everyone safe. But Craig also had a message for everyone: we have to continue living our lives.