Motown celebrates Founder's Day for Esther Gordy Edwards

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Wednesday was Founder's day at Motown. 
Esther Gordy Edwards was never a big star on stage, but no one worked harder -- to preserve the legacy of her family and Detroit's amazing musical history.  It was a celebration Detroit style to honor the founder of the Motown Museum.

At Wednesday's celebration there was half off admission for all to go inside this museum and see what Edwards started and what continues to make Motown so special 

"Because when she was running the Detroit office after Berry Gordy moved the studio to LA she realized how many people are still interested in the story," said Sara Azu, Motown Museum. "And seeing Studio A. So she started the museum and today we have over 90,000 visitors a year coming to visit the museum." 

Edwards was the sister of Berry Gordy the man who founded Motown and put Detroit on the map for making hit music. Edwards passed away in 2011 but the museum she started keeps her spirit alive by honoring her at its Founder's Day event.

"What's interesting her legacy is that she didn't even recognize or a lot of the Motown artists didn't recognize that history was being made," said Raina Baker, Motown Museum.  "So thank goodness she collected all that paraphernalia and memorabilia and now we have this beautiful museum." 

And thanks to the support from foundations and grant money, the Motown Museum that Edwards started in 1985 is expanding. 

"We are in the midst of expanding, more to come on that - but we are making our way," said Baker.

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