Mourning parents: People "fell in love" with 4-year-old killed in house fire

Two women and a 4-year-old boy were killed over the weekend in a house fire in Lincoln Park. The parents of the little boy, who is from Monroe, reached out because they wanted people to know about their son.

Donald Ross, who was nicknamed Bubb, died along with his aunt and a close family friend Saturday morning on Mayflower Street. His mother, Jocelyn O'Harrow, says he brought so many people together. They fell in love with him.

"He had such an imagination and he loved Kiara and Angie so much," said O'Harrow.

Bubb was spending the weekend with Kiara and Angie. O'Harrow say he loved going there.

"They were so good with him. They did everything together," said O'Harrow.

Witnesses say the fire spread so quickly and Bubb's uncle was the only one who survived. Along with Bubb, Kiara and Angie, four dogs were also killed.

Jeff Smith, who is Bubb's stepdad and Kaira's brother, say the family recently found out she was pregnant with her first child.

"We're not okay. We're just trying to hold ourselves together," said Smith.

O'Harrow say he was just so sweet and got along with everybody, and good with babies. One of those babies was his 1-year-old brother Jeffery whose second word was "Bubba."

Fire investigators are still working to determine what caused the fire.

Bubb's family says they will never get over this tremendous loss.

"It's not fair, I would give anything just to hug him, kiss him just one more time and just to hear I love you mommy," said O'Harrow.