MSAE: Trump won't complete term

The Michigan Society of Association Executives was polled on Wednesday on whether President Donald Trump would complete four years in office and, just like the generate electorate, the group was divided almost right down the middle with 48 percent predicting he would finish the first term while 52 percent disagreed.

The audience of about 100 executives from groups such as DTE, the Michigan Manufacturing Association, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the school board association and a number of public relations firms participated in the instant survey that also included whether the new president needs to reach out to those who did not vote for him last November. Eighty-one percent said yes, while 19 percent said no and one of those no votes explains, the citizens who elected Mr. Trump do not want him to work with the other side which is why they voted for him and this person suggested if he were to do that, those citizens would turn on him.

The president has yet to reveal his economic/tax policy blueprint but made the revision of trade agreements a centerpiece of his agenda. Hence the question: Will his economic policies help Michigan? Forty-four percent said yes and 56 percent thought otherwise.

Turning to the state school issue, some in the education lobby have agrued since the advent of Proposal A that local districts should be given more freedom to raise money on their own rather than depend completely on the state foundation grant. This received widespread support. Eleven percent strongly agreed.  Sixty-two percent agreed. Sixteen percent disagreed and 11 percent strongly disagreed. It was noted by a pundit panel if schools were given those options the gap between the rich and poor districts would likely expand. The Snyder administration reports he has closed that gap to just over $600 since taking office.