MSU interim president faces congressional hearing after Nassar scandal

The Larry Nassar sex abuse case is front and center in Washington as Michigan State's interim president takes questions from Senators about how the school is handling the aftermath of the scandal.

The MSU Board of Trustees, over the objections of the university faculty that wanted a PhD,  picked John Engler to be interim president. Engler, who refuses to resign despite pressure to do so, talks about what he brings to the table in this post Larry Nassar environment.

"We all failed the survivors," Engler said.

Engler testified before a Senate subcommittee that is focusing on changes made by MSU to protect amateur athletes from sexual predators saying that the university is taking the necessary steps.

"In my first week, I acted to revoke the tenure of William Strapel, the former dean who failed to supervise Nassar and failed to ensure compliance," Engler said.

Engler also said that MSU will improve its summer orientation programs to focus on prevention of sexual misconduct and 7,400 incoming students have already been trained. He also mentioned that 30 new staff positions have been hired in the Title IX office. 

There's still real contentious testimony when Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut questioned Engler about Kaylee Lorincz, the former student who said Engler offered her a check during a meeting earlier this year.

Engler denied ever offering her money or ever paying her to be silent.

From the viewing box, Lorincz' mom appeared to mouth the word 'liar'.

This is the third time the Senate committee conducted a hearing regarding Michigan State University for the first time for John anger.