Muckfest MS 2015 raises money to fight the disease


In Health Works you're spinning, swinging and flinging around in a muddy 5k obstacle course to help fight multiple sclerosis.

For a young Chesterfield mom, that's a good thing. 

Rose Petty was living a picture perfect life, beginning with a big wedding to marry her high school sweetheart. Not long after came the birth of three beautiful babies.

But  in January 2013,  at the age of 30, came a shocking diagnosis -  multiple sclerosis. 
"It was pretty sad and hard to hear that," Rose said. "Especially because this disease is really unpredictable."

Tingling and numbness travel through Rose's arms and legs and with ms she doesn't know what her future self will be capable of.
It is an autoimmune disease that attacks nerves in the brain and the spinal cord, potentially damaging vision, muscles, balance, thinking and memory.

Rose manages her MS with weekly shots and solid determination. 
"This is what you get, I'm going to keep smiling through all of it," she said.

She also has an impressive support system. They call themselves "made strong."  Family and friends who are training with rose for Muckfest MS 2015. 

It is a down and dirty event to raise research money for MS.  Yes your body takes a beating, but Rose is proud to have the strength to endure it. 

"I think you have to have a positive mindset about it because right now, I can do these things," she said. "I can play with my kids and make dinners and I can walk around my house and I can continue working. 

"And who knows in 10 years - and that's the scary part.

When Rose gathers with thousands of others for Muckfest MS Detroit , she will do it for her three babies. 

"I want to find a cure for them because I don't want them to have to face this in their life," she said. 

FOX 2's own Anqunette Jamison who is also dealing with MS, will also be at Muckfest.
It's happening August 1st in New Boston just south of Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus. The first wave is 9 a.m. and then every half-hour throughout the day. 

You can register and get more information HERE.