Mueller report finally released - does it change anything?

The Mueller report is the big topic tonight.

After nearly two years and $25 million dollars, hundreds of pages and hundreds of redactions, we're finally seeing the Mueller report.

President Trump is declaring victory but the report does not exonerate him of everything. We'll break down what it says and doesn't say with our panel of insiders including the congresswoman who once said she wanted to impeach Trump -- although she used another word.

Part 1: Mueller Time

On the panel:

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit), who made history as one of 2 Muslim women sworn into Congress.

Andy Arena, former head of Detroit's FBI office, head of Detroit Crime Commission.

Attorney Jeffrey Collins, former judge, the former U.S. attorney for this region.

Jamie Roe, consulting firm co-founder, Grand River Strategies.

Part 2: What next?

We look ahead to what comes next.  Is this end of the investigation - or will the investigators end up being investigated themselves?

Three consultants with an inside knowledge of media and politics join the discussion.

On the panel: 

Tori Sachs, Republican strategist 

Karen Dumas, Detroit political insider and public relations expert

Greg Bowens, public relations expert, Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods NAACP president.

Part 3: On The Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit about the Mueller report.