Multiple break-ins where 'very young girls' live on Detroit's west side

The Detroit Police Department is alerting a neighborhood on the city's west side after multiple break-ins have happened in the area. 

Investigators say a man entered at least three homes without permission over the past few weeks. Nobody has been injured and nothing has been stolen -- but police are particularly concerned because they say a "very young girl" has been at each home. 

The break-ins happened in October and November in the area of 6 Mile and the Southfield Freeway. Police say the suspect got in the homes through unlocked doors or windows while everyone was sleeping. 

Police are actively investigating, and remind everyone to lock your doors at night and warn children about strangers. Just last week in Arizona, an attempted child luring is believed to have failed because the child asked the suspect for the family's "code word" before she would leave with him. 

Police have a limited description of the suspect at this time: a black man who wore a black hoodie with the draw strings tied really tight around his face.

We talked to a man named Antwan Cargile, who used to live in that area. 

"Whoever he is, you need to quit it or turn yourself in because you are gonna run across a vigilante and its not gonna be nice," he advised. 

If anyone has any information pertaining to these incidents or the suspect, they are asked to please contact Detroit Police at 313-596-5840 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-SPEAKUP.