Mystery vibrations shake Canton homes, windows

What's causing homes in Canton to shake so much you can watch water ripple, hear the windows rattle, and feel it in your body? The still out there.

Multiple homeowners in Canton say they've experienced this a few times over the past few months. They'll feel a sudden vibration in their bodies and even hear the windows and their homes shake. 

One woman got video of a glass of water rippling as the vibrations shudder. It's similar to THAT scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex is stomping and the water ripples. You know, the one that made you shake when you were 12 years old.

The shaking is happening primarily on Lotz Road, north and south of Michigan Avenue, but also beyond. The most recent shaking came Monday night.

"Its disturbing. We've had pictures actually fall off the wall," Mackey Howell said.

Howell has lived in Canton for over 20 years and says he's felt and heard them roughly five times over the past year. Sometimes they last an hour - other times they shake all night. But it always seems to be at night.

"I don't think I've ever experienced it during the daytime."

Howell says he's called police twice but says they also became confused. The area isn't far from both an airport and a railroad - but Howell and other neighbors say it only started within the last year.

"I'm familiar with all those sounds - the airport, the train, and (the sound) I-275 makes - this is something is very different," Howell said.

Joette Morris said the vibrations are sometimes so intense that it's painful to their ears.

"You figure it's just something natural but, it was just strange," she said.

One neighbor has reported crumbling foundation while others are simply a bit creeped out. 

Theories of what it could be abound and now city officials have started to take notice. They told FOX 2 they don't believe the mysterious vibrations are connected to the utilities or the landfill.

Instead, the city believes it's coming from I-275. 

City officials say they're working with Canton Police and investigating. They ask neighbors who've experienced it to file a report with Canton Public Safety.

The Department of Public Works is asking neighbors to document the location, time and date they notice the vibrations to try and draw a map of where it happens so they can get to the bottom of this.

"It's got to be industry because it is mechanical. Other than that - I'm clueless," Howell said.

City officials are also asking if anyone is able to take videos to send them to the city's public works manager by emailing them to BOB.BELAIR@CANTON-MI.ORG