Nassar's former MSU boss charged with criminal sex conduct of his own

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He's Larry Nassar's former boss and tonight, he's facing charges including willful neglect of duty.
He is accused of allowing Nassar to go unchecked enabling him to sexually abuse women and girls at a Michigan State University clinic. Nassar's former boss is also facing a civil suit from an army of survivors.

Of the four criminal charges against ex-MSU Medical School Dean, William Strampel, three of them relate to a botched Title IX investigation of Larry Nasser.  But there's one criminal sexual conduct charge.

"You have a 70-year-old man who is soliciting students for sexual favors in order to help them stay in medical school," said Mick Grewal, attorney representing 100 Nasser victims.

The criminal complaint alleges, Strampel grabbed the buttocks of two medical students, told another she should be a centerfold, and solicited nude photos of another Med student.

"I believe he is a sexual deviant," Grewal said.

Grewal represents over 100 victims of Larry Nasser in a federal civil case currently pending against Nassar, Michigan State, Strampel and others.

"We have shown that as far back as 2004, 2005, where he had purportedly had medical students perform a rectal exam on him," Grewal said.

MSU Interim President John Engler said that his first order of business was to essentially fire Strampel.

"This is what is needed to help the victims' survivors heal," Grewal said.

But with regard to a 2014 title nine investigation, it was alleged that Strampel never followed up on recommendations made to
prevent Nassar's possible future sexual abuse, something that could hurt MSU in the civil lawsuit.

"What I'm saying is, our investigation has revealed that Dean Strampel had a sexual abuse harassment history and he was the one in charge of Nassar," Grewal said.

Strampel pleaded not guilty to the charges and he is considered innocent at this time. Also, MSU is defending a civil lawsuit against the University, so everything that Mr. Grewal says are allegations at this time.

"From 2014 to 2016, over 70 women were assaulted," Grewal said. "Those assaults should have never have occurred. And that is what these charges are. It says right here - he failed to supervise, he failed to enforce the protocols that were put in place were actually being followed."

WEB EXTRA: To read the Strample arrest affidavit, go here or see below.

MSU Dr. William Strampel Arrest Affidavit by David Komer on Scribd