New Detroit police officer charged with dealing drugs

She was on the Detroit police force for less than a year putting in her dues.

She graduated from the academy last June. Typically probation for new officers lasts a year. During that time, they are often scrutinized to see if they have what it takes and, by all accounts, the 29-year-old did. 

"She was assigned to a scout car and working the early morning hours in the 5th precinct," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "She did very well in the integrity test. So that stood out to me."

That all changed Sunday, acting on information that this new officer was an alleged drug dealer.

"We did recover rock cocaine and a small amount of heroin," Craig said.

With that information, officers pulled over one of their own and found she wasn't alone. 

"Her companion was a felon in possession of a stolen firearm," Craig said.

She was taken to jail but since she hasn't been officially charged with a crime yet, police aren't releasing her name. On Tuesday she was back at DPD headquarters under much different circumstances. 

"She was wearing her orange jail clothing and handcuffs and so it does send a clear message," Craig said. "One thing we will not shy away from, is holding officers accountable.

"When you wear that badge, there is a lot of responsibility that goes with that. Public trust is important to me and everyone in this department."

The chief says he fired her on the spot and she returned to the Wayne County Jail. As the investigation continues, the chief says he now plans to take a close look at the hiring process. 

"Is there something we could have done differently; could we have found out about this conduct prior?"  he said.

The chief says this investigation is far from over. They are now looking at how long this now fired officer was allegedly dealing drugs and who else may have been committing these crimes with her.

All of these findings are expected to be turned over to the Wayne County Prosecutor.