New Whitmer plan would send inflation relief checks to all state taxpayers

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has a plan for inflation, it involves sending a check to all taxpayers in Michigan among other measures.

Whitmer and her two Democratic leaders have added a new wrinkle to the debate over tax rebates and tax reductions for residents. They're calling it an "inflationary rebate check."

The check, of a yet-undetermined amount, would be sent to every taxpayer in the state of Michigan. Some experts say that will have some curbside appeal compared to the Republican plan, which is to roll back the state income tax rate - in which some say you wouldn't really see the money.

The GOP plan would be a savings, but you would also have to wait for your income tax form to be filed to see any kind of a savings there. So a check in hand versus a tax savings on paper.

Whitmer is hoping that the optics of this will convince the Republicans to back off their income tax rollback, which the governor doesn't like in the first place and make them go along with two other elements of this package - including senior tax relief and relief for families in need.

It's a new wrinkle that could change the debate. We'll find out what the Republicans say when they get a chance to digest what the governor has just done.