No, 100.3 WNIC doesn't start Christmas music the day after Halloween. So, when is it starting?

Some Michiganders eagerly await the start of 24/7 Christmas music on 100.3 WNIC, but turns out -- it's an urban legend that it starts the day after Halloween! Jay Towers joined us on The Nine to set the record straight. 

The radio station's Facebook page has been flooded with comments asking where the Christmas music is. 

"I went back and looked as far as, I think, 2005. I've seen November 2; I've seen it go as far as I think November 14. It's just when it feels right," he says. "Our boss Tony just comes in and says, 'I think today we're going to do it.'"

Maurielle always thought it was the day after Halloween, too, and told Jay she thinks it still should be. 

"It's a fun, little hokey thing that we count on you to do -- and you need to be consistent!" she joked. 

"Honestly, this is the truth, and I've really struggled with this," Jay continues. "There are people that feel like it's wrong to play Christmas before Veteran's Day - and I've never put the two together. My dad's a veteran; he's never said that to me. There are some people that give us that [complaint]; some people that give us that their kids are depressed because it hasn't started."

So, unfortunately, no hint from Jay as to when we'll start hearing the Christmas music this year. In 2016, it started on November 3, though, and in 2015 it started on November 2 -- so it could very possibly still be sometime this week.

Deena voted it to start sometime next week, and Jess says she wants it to wait until after Thanksgiving.