No charges for U-M student who lied about hate crime

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"Wow! You're telling me that that entire week I was concerned about my safety and my friends’ safety… that was all false?"

One student is unable to comprehend why a University of Michigan student would lie about being threatened for wearing her hijab last year. Sakila Islam says when she heard about the incident, she was too scared to walk on campus alone.

"I live right there. So, I can see the area where it allegedly happened from my window. I was shocked, I was scared," she said.

On Wednesday, the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office decided not to authorize criminal charges of ethnic intimidation or filing a false police report against the woman.

"It's definitely inappropriate to not go forward with the charges because clearly the student lied," said Deion Kathiawa, a University of Michigan student.

The woman apparently told police that while she was walking near William and State streets, a man threatened to set her on fire with his lighter if she didn't remove her hijab.

"Personally I feel really upset about this entire incident," Islam said.

While there were no witnesses, police later determined the incident didn't happen. Some students are now puzzled about why she won't be charged.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office isn't saying why charges won’t be filed. Assistant Prosecutor Steven Hiller says proceeding with prosecution, “would not be in the interest of justice."

“There's definitely a double standard when it comes to these kinds of things,” said Kathiawa. “Have justice be done and charge this person for lying about something that would have been very serious, had it happened.”

Some students are unsure what the consequences should be.

"It did spark a wave of support, if anything. I do think people should be able to practice their religion without any fear," said  Zoe Lis, a University of Michigan student.

Most are frustrated, asking that woman and others to please think before you act.

"I think it's horrible. It’s at a time when everyone is kind of on edge,” said Islam.  “To create more conflict -- that's just disturbing."