Officer makes it his mission to help elderly Detroit woman without heat

Ever since Saturday, Rosie Randall has been all Detroit Police Officer Darrell Dawson can think about. 

"We have a heart for people. We cannot do this job and (have) it not affect you," he said.

The two crossed paths when Officer Dawson was called to do a wellness check on Rosie at her home. He and his partner knocked on the door for a half an hour with no answer. Not giving up, the officers forced their way inside.

"Like ma'am did you hear me knocking on the door? We've been knocking for about 30 minutes. And she said yeah, I was actually in the bed asleep, trying to get some rest. I heard you," Dawson said.

He says there was basically no difference between the temperature inside and outside the home. 

"When the lady was talking, you could see the cold air," Dawson said.

That wouldn't stand.

"They just wanted to help me. They said they couldn't leave me there so I had to ride with the police," Rosie said.

That could have been the end of it. After all, they got her to safety. But Officer Dawson says helping her find a permanent solution is personal. 

"I just immediately thought about my father, who is 80. That's what bothered me," he said.

Rosie is in need of a working boiler and needs someone with some expertise and a big heart to help turn the heat back on at her home. That's where you come in.

Anyone hoping to help Rosie can call FOX 2 Problem Solvers at (248) 552-5150.