Ohio officers save baby who started choking in traffic

Police officers in Shaker Heights, Ohio saw a car stopped in the middle of traffic. The car was in the far left lane, and the driver had turned the hazards on. 

The officers stopped to see what was going on -- and never expected it'd turn into a life-saving situation. Turns out, the woman's 2-month-old daughter was choking in the backseat. 

The officers came around the took the baby out of the backseat. The baby's mom, Tamica Pruitte, had left the driver's seat and gotten in the backseat with her. 

Standing in the middle of the street, the officers began to work on the child. Mom got back out of the car, too, and was bending over, anxiously watching her daughter's face. 

Officer Oklander and Officer Sidders held the girl at different angles and tapped her back. 

"I can hear air moving," one of the officers says eventually. "She's breathing!"

The whole ordeal with the officers only lasted less than two minutes. It's not known how long the baby had been choking before that, though. 

The officer's bodycam footage captured the whole thing. You can watch the amazing effort in the video player above. 

Shaker Heights is in the Cleveland metropolitan area. 

Video Credit: Shaker Heights Police Department via Storyful