Outgoing Gov. Rick Snyder thinks his civility was a strength in Lansing

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When it comes to civility in politics, outgoing Gov. Rick Snyder is off the charts.

"I think there are people partially following my example." Snyder said. "I think there are a lot of people doing that. Because to be open with you, I think I am relatively unique," Gov. Rick Snyder said.

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There's an understatement.

"I'm probably in the 98th percentile," he said.

It is true that it is nearly impossible to get this governor to say anything bad about anyone and capitol correspondents over eight years have tried - unsuccessfully.

He came into office hoping to change the negative rhetorical culture in Lansing, a town that thrives on the ugly back and forth between lawmakers, political parties, and with previous governors. But did this governor change anything?

"It's been a positive influence," he said.

Tim Skubick: "Name two people who have said I’m following your example and this is the way to go. I'll bet you can't."

"What I would say is, think there are people that are partially following my example. I think there are a lot of people doing that," Snyder said.

But would the governor count President Donald Trump on that list?

In fact, Gov. Snyder was in the congregation at the President Bush funeral where the word civility was widely discussed. Did the governor find any irony in that given the fact that Mr. Trump had to listen to all that civility talk?

"Our current president, how does he fit in that world of civility and it’s a challenging environment," Snyder said. "The greatest threat to America is the lack of civility in the political word."

But in holding true to his motto not blasting anyone, he backed off when asked - "So you did think about him in terms of the civility discussion that was going on?"
"I'm not going to get into him personally or the differences I may have with him, but I think that's a fair statement," Snyder said.

When Gov-elect Gretchen Whitmer enters the executive office for the first time, she will find a note inside her desk drawn from the current governor.

"Be proud, what an honor to serve and stay focused on what’s best for all the people of Michigan," Snyder said. "A lot of people tell you about the burdens of being governor and how difficult it is but try to enjoy this job.  I've enjoyed it and despite the crosses and tough time, I've really enjoy this and it’s been fabulous."