Outpouring of emotion at funeral for 4 children murdered in Metro Detroit

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The four small coffins sat draped in flowers at the front of a Metro Detroit church Friday morning.

Music began to play. Soon, a slideshow -- showing some of the family's precious moments together.

Photo after photo of laughter and smiles from the children. Gone.

The funeral for the four children Dearborn Heights was held on Friday at Detroit First Church of the Nazarene in Farmington Hills.

On Sept. 21, Faith Green was tied up, tortured and forced to watch her husband Gregory shoot and kill her two oldest children, 19-year-old Chadney Allen, Jr. and 17-year-old Kara Allen.

According to the Dearborn Heights Police, 6-year-old Koi Green and 4-year-old Kaleigh Green were found apparently asphyxiated using exhaust from a car.

Faith spent a few nights in the hospital but survived the event.

Gregory called police and turned himself in. He's been charged with four counts of first-degree murder for the crimes against the children, and one count of torture and one count of unlawful imprisonment for the crimes against his wife.

The pews were packed with friends, family and community members giving their respects and support to the family.

Throughout the funeral, people so overcome with emotion cried out and embraced one another.

Those who spoke touched on the lives of the children, as well as ending violence in the Metro Detroit community. Those who couldn't speak, sang what they felt.

One speaker addressed the grieving mother herself, saying her name, Faith, meant something.

"Faith ain't faith until it's tested," he said to her, sitting in the front row of the funeral.

Speakers told the congregation about what the children loved.

Chadney Allen, Jr., enjoyed anime, and making mini movies, while working part-time at KFC. Kara Allen was completing AP courses so she could attend college right after high school. She also volunteered to feed the homeless.

Koi Green loved school and her teachers, and had so many friends. She was learning to speak Spanish. She loved to dress up and model her pretty outfits. She was a cheerleader and a ballet dancer, who enjoyed drawing and going away on trips. Kaleigh Green, a preschooler, loved to sing, ballet dance, play outside and eat mac n' cheese.

For anyone looking to help the family, a GoFundMe account has been set up in their name.

Below is the full funeral video: