Pastor escorted out of Detroit World Outreach Church by police

A woman was escorted out of a metro Detroit church by Redford police before services started.

"They put me in handcuffs. They put me in the back of the car and processed me like a criminal for trespassing," said Dr. Charisse Gibert, escorted out of church.

Gibert said she did not do anything wrong. She says she has been a fixture at the Detroit World Outreach church for years. Gibert has been a member for 17 years and pastoring with her husband, Ben Gibert, for 12 years. Ben passed away in February.

"For whatever reason, there's a small group of elders. We're not in agreement that I would be senior pastor. Now there have been aggressive acts made towards us," she said.

Officials with Detroit World Outreach declined Fox 2's request for an interview. A statement was posted on its website:

The pastor's supporters spoke to Fox 2's crew.

"She's not doing anything wrong." 

"You know she's very anointed. Amen," said Greta Mackey.

Gibert said, "The lord gave us an assignment. They need to walk away before I walk away."