Pavilion trashed in Roseville in alleged revenge vandalism

Everything is cleaned up but there are still hard feelings about a vandalized pavilion in Roseville.

"If you disagree with something, fine, disagree," said Tony Lipinski "Talk to somebody about it, but to go to this extreme it just costs everybody money."

The mess was left behind at one of the pavilions at the Veterans Memorial Park. A group used it for a birthday party and may have gotten ticked off when their plans to use a bounce house were deflated.

"They had an inflatable like a bounce house that we require a permit for that, just to keep people safe and it protects everybody even the residents in case there's an accident," said Lipinski.

Lipinski, from the recreational authority of Roseville and Eastpointe, says the group did not have one and the park attendant kept them from using the bounce house.

"The parking attendant really couldn't see inside because they kind of covered it around and they had a banner up one side," Lipinski said. "Once they left he noticed they were in there and they dumped inside and it was all over the place. They were making some kind of slime or some kind of mixture with detergent, water sand just like a slime mixture - all kinds of junk. 

"They ended up dumping it in the middle of the pavilion and wiped on the walls of the bathroom."

The cleanup cost was several hundred dollars and taxpayers will foot the bill. The authority posted the picture of the trashed pavilion on its Facebook page and residents are now reeling.

Unlike the pavilion which you have to rent to use, the pavilion that was trashed is first come, first served. You don't have to rent it or fill anything out to have a party there.

So there's no paper trail for the group who made that mess and no luck with surveillance video. The cameras were not working when this happened.

"It's just, I just shake my head," Lipinski said. "It's just unfortunate that people feel the need to destroy property like that."

The recreational authority wants anyone who knows who that group was to come forward you can call them or Roseville police.