Pawn shop raided, woman waits year to get wedding ring back

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In the winter of 2014 FOX 2 covered a raid of a Wayne pawn shop.

Now almost a year and a half later -- the people who had their possessions in the store -- are still without their belongings.

Revisiting the boarded up and shut down Wayne Exchange, Katherine Montrose says she's been waiting to get her husband's diamond and gold wedding band back.

The Michigan Avenue pawn shop was raided last March with Michigan State Police tagging and removing items from the shop including Montrose's ring.

Katherine called the owner.

"He says call me if you don't get your jewelry," she said. "Guess what, his phone is disconnected."

Montrose is not giving up.

"And then he said you won't have to pay anything for it," she said. "Wrong, because emotionally I'm still paying for it."

She also called Wayne police to try and understand what she needed to do.

"If you're calling about seized property, press one, and leave a message," she said. “This is what I'm dealing with."

Montrose says she was told three months ago that it would take 30 days for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to give them an answer - and get her ring back. She says she hasn't heard anything since.

"Why is she taking her time," Montrose said. "It's past that."

Montrose says her husband is ill and desperately wants his ring back. The ring they saved up to buy after they read their vows.

Michigan State Police told Fox 2 Thursday that although two people involved have already had trials, a third trial is scheduled for early October.

That is when Montrose and anyone else with a valid slip can get their property back.

Montrose says she isn't thrilled with the wait but says at least now, she has an answer and a day to look forward to.