Pieces of Mackinac Bridge up for grabs in online auction

The Mackinac Bridge may be one of the biggest in the world, but that doesn't mean it can't fit in someone's home.

At least part of it might fit. An auction for pieces of the Western Hemisphere's largest suspension bridge is currently ongoing with multiple items up for grabs.

People looking for a bit of Mighty Mac lore could do worse than get their hands on the grating from the bridge itself.

Six pieces of vintage steel deck grating are up for grabs on a government auction website. Originally listed at $20, several bids have risen the price north of $700.

The pieces are approximately 5.5 feet wide, 38 feet long, and 5 inches deep. 

Each piece weighs about 2 tons and is in worn condition - the result of 60 years of use while bearing the strong forces of mother nature.

The government says would cut the sections into two shorter pieces for ease of shipping if desired.