Pizza driver escapes armed robbery set-up, shooting

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A pizza delivery driver is lucky to be alive after being shot at in a robbery set-up Sunday.

"I thought my life was over," said Dennis Harris.

Just before 9 p.m., Harris loaded up his car with a $47 pizza order and was headed to Dacosta Street on Detroit's west side.

When he arrived he says he was met by a man asking if he was there to deliver the pizzas.

"Once I told him yes he said 'OK I'm about to get the money and come back outside,'" Harris recalled.

But instead of money, Harris said a gun was pointed at him.

"He lifted up his shirt and brandished a gun at me, he pointed it straight at me," he said.

As he was holding the pizza boxes and the suspect was pointing the gun at him - Harris said he had to make a move - and do it fast.

"I immediately threw the pizzas at him I took off running," he said.

As Harris ran, he says the sound he heard next made his heart drop. 

"He let off one shot toward my direction," Harris said. 

But as he continued running, a glimmer of hope drove up beside him.

"Luckily there was some gentlemen driving in the neighborhood, I asked them for help," he said. "They told me to jump inside the car and they took off as fast as they could." 

Harris says they took him to a nearby gas station where he called 911. But before police arrived the suspect ransacked Harris' car that was left on Dacosta Street.

"He stole my phone and got $1 out of the car console," said Harris.

Police tell FOX 2 that the house Harris was called to deliver the pizza is vacant, and the search for the suspect continues.

As for Harris who was back on the job Monday, he says they plan to make some changes at work.

"We're just going to screen calls thoroughly," he said.

Harris says he's also doing his best to move forward.

"I have not slept yet," he said. "I'm still in shock."