Police investigate after offensive online post was made on hacked dermatology office accounts

"A click of a button these days can ruin somebody's reputation in like five minutes," said Dr. Ross Brothers. And apparently, it's working. 

"We've all been devastated by this," he said.

Doctors and employees at Northwest Dermatology in Southfield are receiving death threats since they say someone hacked their social media accounts.

"This isn't how we are. This isn't who we are," Brothers said.

Doctor Ross Brothers says it was business as usual last Tuesday - which was known as "Blackout Tuesday."  Many posted a single photo of a black square on social media to protest racism and police brutality. But instead - Brothers, who had been in surgery says - somehow, the dermatology office account.

The post said: "We get it. We understand you people. Can we move on, please? This is draining." 

"Dr. Levin, one of my partners, came and pulled me out and said we have an emergency," Brothers said.

Brothers says within 10 minutes the office started getting flooded with calls and emails.

"We recognized they were put up and took them down, contacted the authorities and we've been working with Southfield police and the federal authorities as well," Brothers said.

Brothers says they believe it was a former employee who worked at the front desk who had access to the company's social media sites.

"It's been pretty tough in terms of its so far from how we feel here," Brothers said.

Brothers says since, they've been trying to focus on staying safe while trying to let their patients know... the post doesn't represent who they are or what they stand for.
"This is the first time in my career where I've gone into room is wondering what does this person think of me," he said.

While police continue to investigate the hack - Brothers is now warning everyone: make sure your social media accounts are secure and always -  think - before you click.

This is a screen shot of the offensive online post.

"We stand for social justice changes," he said. "We have been trying and continue to live by those ideals. And we are here to help try to make the world a better place."