Police investigating shooting, crash and marijuana grow op in Royal Oak Twp

A large marijuana grow operation was found when police investigated a shooting and a crash overnight in Royal Oak Township. 

Police responded to a call about a possible shooting in the 2300 block of Garden Lane Wednesday just after 11 p.m. 

When investigators arrived, they found a GMC pickup crashed into a utility poll near the area. 

Troopers followed a trail of blood leading from the truck to a house, and knocked loudly on the door but no one answered. Police say a strong small of marijuana was coming from the house. 

Troopers went inside to try to find the victim but the house was empty. However, a large marijuana grow operation was found in the basement. 

Police were then notified that a person who had been shot was being treated at the hospital, as well as a second victim. 

Police are still working to figure out exactly what happened, and the relationship between the truck and the house and the marijuana.