Police raid Detroit's Victory Inn motel for drugs, prostitution

Local and federal authorities raided a hotel on Detroit's west side early Thursday morning.

We're told the police executed a federal search warrant at the Victory Inn motel on Michigan Avenue, which is right at the Detroit-Dearborn border. We're told the raid had to do with drug activity and prostitution, but authorities would not elaborate any further as they say this is an ongoing criminal investigation.

"They do everything you could possibly do over there. I knew it was going to happen," says a man who works across the street at a school that offers higher learning and vocational training. He did not wish to be named.

"The prostitution and the fighting that they was doing over there, kids don't need to see that," the man adds.

Police from Dearborn and Detroit departments were involved in the raid, as well as agents from Homeland Security. Close to 150 investigators from 20 or so different agencies helped execute the federal search warrants as part of the ongoing investigation by ICE and Homeland Security.

It's not known right now if anyone was arrested during the raid.

In 2016 alone, we're told that Detroit police alone had 115 runs to this address, and more to the surrounding area. Two shootings, numerous aggravated assaults and robberies have also been reported at the motel. Two murders have also taken place where the victims were traced back to the Victory Inn. 

Another incident at the motel was investigated just a few months ago. In November of 2016, a man died by suicide during a confrontation with police in the parking lot. 

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.