Police say Ferndale mother found dead likely victim of homicide

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Police are investigating after a mother in Ferndale was found dead after she was reported missing. 

Police sent out a missing person alert for 28-year-old Lily Camara on July 5, after her loved ones said she hadn't been seen or heard from since the evening of July 2. Then, on July 7 police said her body had been found. 

Police haven't given much information yet except to say that there are "strong indications" that Camara is a victim of a homicide. 

Police haven't given any details about how she may have died. Police also didn't say where her body was found. Camara leaves behind two young children. 

"Right now we just don't want to jeopardize the investigation. We're working with law enforcement if it's always sensitive; we don't want to say something if it's going to be somebody else's case or vice versa," Ferndale police Sgt. Baron Brown told us. 

Camara leaves behind two young children. 

Camara's friend Poppy Goudsmit, who's known her since she was 5 years old, told us Camara was supposed to meet friends Tuesday night and didn't show up. Then she didn't pick up her daughter Thursday morning, which was unusual.

We're told she also always had her cell phone turned on and that wasn't the case as of late, causing even more concern. Her friends and family went right to police, who immediately started sharing her photo. 

"There's nothing wrong with an adult taking a time out from life for a couple days, and usually in a case like this that's where we initially go first, but it became pretty apparent pretty quickly that this case was a little different," Sgt. Brown said.

On Sunday, police learned her body had been found somewhere other than Ferndale, but police aren't saying where just yet.

We're told they're still looking for Camara's vehicle, a 2017 black Ford Edge with the Michigan license plate DQX9931. 

If you see the car or know anything about what may have happened to Camara, you're asked to call the Ferndale police department or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP, where you'll remain anonymous.