Police: Woman said she would blow up Hazel Park High School after son made social media threat

Police say a Hazel Park High School parent is responsible for making a threat to blow up the school.

Ryan Nicole Dunlap is facing a 20-year felony charge of falsely reporting a threat of terrorism along with two counts of malicious use of telecommunications services after investigators say she wanted to get back at school administrators for punishing her son.  

A woman at the door of a Hazel Park house is linked to according to public records said she was not at home babysitting. FOX 2 also stopped by an Eastpointe address also listed for her but there was no answer.

"Anytime any threats regarding schools or any mention of shooting or blowing anything up, it puts everyone in fear. You have to take it seriously and investigate it," said Chief Brian Buchholz, Hazel Park police.

"In this case she made the threat to someone on the school staff," Buchholz said. "And our school resource officer started investigating, and spoke to the mother himself, and she admitted that she did make that comment. "

The chief says Dunlap’s son was in trouble for allegedly making threats of his own - saying he would "take out" two girls for talking to the school about something he posted on Instagram.

"It had to do with a threat towards other students and I believe," the chief said. "So as a disciplinary issue the school is dealing with and informing the mother of that, and that’s when she got upset and got aggressive, and made that threat."

Prosecutors say Dunlap was jailed on $200,000 cash bond. Her son is being held at Children’s Village in light of the other incident. 

Ryan Nicole Dunlap.

Ryan Nicole Dunlap.