Popular Royal Oak gym shuts down with no warning

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A local gym shut its doors without warning its staff or its members. Now the trainers are out of a job and left wondering what went wrong.

A confusing note was found stuck to the door of Nth Degree fitness on Main Street in Royal Oak Tuesday as the popular gym shut down with no notice.

"It’s tragic for us, but also for these people who've been coming here for years," said Danielle Dudek, a personal trainer.

The note on the door in part reads, "After almost 10 years of operating Nth Degree Fitness, we have decided regrettably to close the business down ...”

It said the decision to close was a "very difficult one."

Dudek says she, along with other employees and members, didn't hear anything until Saturday afternoon, via email.

"It was more of just a generic statement of we are very sorry, we value our employees but we can't keep this business going," she said.

Dudek says she is stunned -- and doesn't know why the busy fitness center would have to close down.

"Clients were purchasing classes even that day - people were coming in and nobody knew," she said.

The owner of the building, George Frentz, says his nephews had been renting it out and he was just as surprised as everyone when they closed their doors.

Danelle Dudek says on top of hundreds of loyal clients, roughly 13 personal trainers and three managers are now looking for work.

"We don't have any ill feelings," she said. "We're just more sad - we loved our job. We went in there happy and we left happy."

While the note left behind assures clients their money will be refunded, it also asks for their patience in the process. Dudek says she and other trainers are already planning a workout event this Saturday in Royal Oak open to everyone free of charge.

"We're here for you," she said. "And Nth may have closed its doors, but we're not."

After hearing about the closing, Nafas fitness owner Janel Calka-Assaf says she will offer deals for existing Nth Degree clients, including a free first class.

Nafas fitness is located just down the street from Nth degree in downtown Royal Oak. For more information visit www.nafasfitness.com