Pregnant mom of 4 stabbed to death in front her children, left naked in vacant home

It's been two years since Ladiamond Meyers, who was five months pregnant, was brutally stabbed to death. 24 months and no answers. 730 days - without anyone arrested, charged and convicted. The family hopes someone who knows something will finally speak up.

Ladiamond was pregnant with her fifth child when she was found naked on a mattress in an abandoned home on Braile Street. She'd been stabbed and beaten in the head. Her four young children were right there next to her the entire time.

"Today - two years - and I still am not comfortable because you have a murderer running around," her sister, Sheila Calvin, said.

Her entire family has been waiting for justice, long after Calvin said Ladiamond's own children told them who killed their mother. Her five-year-old son drew a picture of stick figures of the terrible scene.

"'Daddy said mommy was being bad so mommy was going to sleep'. As my nieces and nephews sat at the end of that bed, with her deceased body, she's wasn't asleep - she was dead."

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Police arrested Ladiamond's boyfriend, Willie Wilborn. He was charged him with first degree murder, but the judge dismissed the case based on lack of evidence.

"Right now as it stands it is insufficient even on the probable cause theory, I have no recourse." the judge in July 2017.

Murder dismissed for man in stabbing pregnant mom of 4, causing court outburst

So, two years later, the children are trying to recover from the traumatic experience and Ladiamond's family is still searching for answers. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said the case would be re-issued but say they have not found sufficient new evidence to do so.

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Two years later, Calvin is hoping someone, somewhere has the courage to say something.

"Them kids spoke and said 'daddy put mommy to sleep', and I believe, at the end of the day, a kid's voice speaks highly of a lot of things. But as adults - adults don't listen," Calvin said. "If someone could just speak up. It could be your sister, your mother your daughter."

Crimestoppers is offering a reward. Anyone with information about what happened that night can call 1-800-SPEAKUP and you can remain anonymous.