Pres. Trump's Beast: supersized Cadillac limo debuts

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President Trump's 'Beast' limousine debuted in New York City Sunday. 

President Trump arrived in Manhattan on Sunday to begin meeting with world leaders as the U.N. General Assembly convenes, and he’ll be doing it in style with a brand new car.

Trump was picked up at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport in a new “Beast” Cadillac limousine, marking the first major redesign of the presidential state car since 2009.

Its public debut took place on the second day of fall, but the Cadillac-branded vehicle technically went operational earlier in the week, according to a White House pool report.

At least two of the limos were spotted in New York on Sunday, and they are the first of about a dozen that are expected to be built by General Motors under $15.8 million in government contracts initiated in 2014.

Work on this model began back in 2013, when President Obama was still in office.  The details are, understandably, kept secret but there are some details known.

The limo is an evolution of Obama's limousine - which he referred to as "a Caddy, basically on a tank frame" -  and features a sleeker roof line and Cadillac styling, including what appear to be the same headlights as the Escalade.

As before, the limo is designed to look like a sedan but is actually a heavily armored vehicle built on a truck chassis. Details are top secret, but its large wheels tip their hubs to its heavy duty underpinnings.

Additionally, a photo posted to Twitter of Trump about to enter the limo revealed its foot-thick rear doors and five-passenger rear compartment. It also is reportedly equipped with its own oxygen supply in case of chemical or biological attack. 

Other security features are rumored to include protection against ballistics and explosives, built-in tear gas launchers and an emergency medical suite equipped with a supply of the president’s blood type.

The previous limo model was in service for about ten years.

Cadillac has built every presidential limo since 1993 and did not have any competition for the contract.