President Joe Biden coming to Michigan this week

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations on July 28, 2021 in Macungie, Pennsylvania. President Biden spoke to a crowd of supporters at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations about the importance of manufacturing in America

President Joe Biden is coming to Michigan this week to build up momentum for his infrastructure bill that's still in Congress.

According to a news release from The White House, the president will be traveling to Howell, Michigan to "continue rallying public support" for his Build Back Better campaign. 

More details are expected to follow the expected visit Tuesday, October 5.

While the first form of meaningful legislation pertaining to the country's lagging infrastructure in years, the trillion-dollar bill is still getting work through Congress.

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Its status is in limbo in the U.S. House where a tug-of-war between progressives and moderates in the Democratic wing debate just how big the bill could get. While some have sought as much as $3.5 trillion in new spending, others have combed the money amount down to $1.5 trillion.

The new spending would address climate change and the social safety net in the country's infrastructure.